• Create your own colour scheme

    You can now choose any colour as the background for your floor plans. This means you can match your company colours, or simply choose a better colour to complement your property descriptions or website.

  • 3D floor plans

    We can turn your 2D plan into a 3D Full Colour image - giving potential buyers the chance to get a feel for the property, understanding space and dimensions even before they put a foot through the door!

  • Company logo and disclaimer

    There is now the option to put your company logo or watermark on every floor plan you create. You can also specify your own company disclaimer for your floor plans.

  • Create print-bureau quality plans

    You can now get high resolution jpeg's or png's from the Publisher, anything up to 1200 dpi. You can also create floor plans at any size, meaning they will look much sharper on your website and descriptions.

  • Add shadows, patterns, raised walls

    You can now add all sorts of different styles and effects to make your floor plans stand out from your competitors.

  • Photoplans

    We can add photos into the floorplan to give that extra sense of realism to your floor plan.  An amazing feature for boasting the highlights and features of a particular room.

  • Save all floors on one image

    You can now save all the floors for a property onto one single image. This saves you time when inserting your floor plans onto your descriptions or website.


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